First round with Golf Buddy Voice

After the first round with the Golf Buddy Voice clipped on my hat, I can say, it's a really usefull and simple device to use. At the first tee we enabled both our Golf Buddy Voice devices. We have used it with the german language setup. After one minute the device told me, I should wait as the course data will be loaded. After another 20 seconds, a friendly female voice told me: "You are at hole one." 

After I pressed the main button she told me: "Hole one 292 meters". 

We were suprised as we both were on the same tee box and we had quite signifficant different distances to the hole. We then saw, that one unit was setup with meters and the other with yards. At this point we both recognized that we both had not the "Quick Start Guide" with us.  I was able to find out by myself, how to change from yards to meters on the wrongly set device.

Positive expirience

The device works very well with the selection of the holes. As our Home course is very small, and we had to go from hole one to hole two in between the tee boxes of hole 9, the Golf Buddy Voice told us "You are at hole nine." while passing the tee boxes. But arrived at the tee boxes of hole two, she selected the correct hole and told: "You are at hole two."

Things to change in the future

Every time you push the main button, the device tells you the hole and the distance to the green (front, center or back). In German, there is not enough pause (silence) between the announcement from the hole and the meter. Serveral times I understood on hole five, that it's over 500 meters to the green. "Hole five hundred twenty one meters." 

Another very uncomfortable thing is the way how to measure the distance for your strokes. As I had no quick reference quide with me, it was not as intuitive as it should be and I was not able to do this. I tried it several times, with no success. Back at home I consulted the guide and was suprised how "unfriendly" this has to be done:


Very good device to tell you the distance between you and the hole. Hopfully the negative points can be changed with an update to make this to the perfect Golf Buddy Voice.  

More information about the device you can find at Golf Buddy.

© Raphael Schmidiger 2020