Welcome to the new zhl.ch

You will see now the new layout of the zhl.ch page. We tried to add as much informations as possible. 
Where possible we link to the original source of the data. All pictures on this page are made by ourself and we own the copyright.

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The world of Golf travel...

A lot of new album of pictures added

In our section “Pictures" you will find a lot of pictures from our Golf travels around the world. 
All pictures are made by ourselfes and are not changed in any way.
There are no captions to the pictures and the Album itself is an external link to a Cloud service for pictures in Switzerland.

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Actual Weather

Live from the weather station 

For convenience we have an own Weather Station installed. 
It is not a reference station, but it helps us, to see the temperature and the trends.
The weather in Unterlunkhofen is typical Swiss!
Some rain, fog or sunshine. It can change in minutes.
Under “More Info” you find a link to the public data of the weather station. After clicking it takes 3-10 Seconds until you see the data… so please be patient. 

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Golf Travel Blog

A blog about our Golf Travel Trip's

Before COVID-19 we traveled a lot to play Golf in all regions of the world. As we are not Pro-Players, the main motivation for doing all the travels is for leasure and visit other countries and cultures.

You will find some nice and special places, or just soem normal Golf courses. 
We are updating the blog, when we are traveling, if we travel...

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Green Energy

Solar Power System from AZ26

We produce our own power. We use for this a Solar Panel System on our roof top, with mor than 80th panels. With this we are able to produce nearly the power we need over one year.
We have as well a battery install to have autonomous 2-3 hours power in the evening. Not too much, we agree, and we will extend the batteries in the next years.
You will find under “More Infos” some public information about our system.

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